The Journey to Healing from Trauma

~Inspiring Hearts to Heal~


Welcome to a café in Paris!

Let’s talk about life.

The Beyond.

And healing from trauma.


I am an experienced acupuncturist and mind/body healer, a natural “inspired” poet, author, former drama teacher and mother of 2 amazing women. We are all many parts but here I am identifying with the Post Traumatic Stress survivor of early abusive life threatening events and violent gang sexual assault at age 22 when I had a near death experience (NDE), which gave me the bigger picture about “the quantum field”. Hopefully what I’ve learned from my healing journey will inspire other hearts to heal, flowering into their gifts for all our evolution.


You might be a trauma survivor, had a near death experience, or are interested in your process of healing from violence. Maybe you want to help others, or are now working with trauma survivors in their healing process.


(Evol)ution is a Love Solution.* Evolution contains the word “love” spelled backwards (evol) right within it! As we heal our wounds by bringing love to our own dis-eased or misunderstood parts, they evolve into our gifts to share. We can more easily accept the diversity of others. And so, love actually is the solution for our conscious evolution. *Like this message? Click on shop.


The mission from “we dance as One” is to realize our interconnectedness in a quantum field. By embracing unity including our differences, we ease the painful separation between genders through empowering women and having compassion for men. Our work is to stop abuse and heal violence.

Visionary Project

“the heart is the flower of our speech”….The heart wants to flower, and as we speak and share our non-physical or near death experiences, we help raise mass consciousness about the existence of life beyond the physical. We can then evolve spiritually as a culture based on collaboration and co-operation with others, rather than fear and power over.

A Change of Heart

“A book of poetry on
healing from trauma”

The Body Politic

“A docudrama that weaves a play
and interviews with therapists”